Neuroscience Day 2018 - "Rewarding Neuroscience"

Registration is now open! On 1 May, NeuroCampus Aarhus is hosting ”Neuroscience Day 2018 - Rewarding Neuroscience”. The event is open to all students, researchers, clinicians, therapists, caregivers, foundations and organizations interested in neuroscience.

2017 Brain Prize Winner Professor Ray Dolan

The central themes this year are "Reward and Punishment, Gambling and Addiction, Compulsion and Motivation, and Pleasure and Anhedonia”, i.e. the underlying molecular mechanisms in the healthy brain and what goes wrong in the diseased or affected brain. 

2017 Brain Prize Winner Ray Dolan as keynote speaker

Professor Ray Dolan was awarded The Brain Prize in 2017 for his analysis of brain mechanisms that link learning to reward, which has far-reaching implications for the understanding of human behaviour, including disorders of decision-making in conditions such as gambling, drug addiction, compulsive behaviour and schizophrenia’. 
The Brain Prize Winner visit is supported by The Brain Prize. 
Learn more about The Brain Prize here.

Foundations, scientific associations, and patient and professional organisations spanning the broad field of neuroscience are also invited.  

Links to program, sponsor and exhibitions, and practical information regarding venue, abstracts, posters and oral presentations are in the column on the right.

The poster sessions are open to ALL areas of research related to neuroscience.

The Book of Abstracts will be printed as an issue of Acta Neuropsychiatrica - an International Journal of Translational Neuropsychiatry. An online version will be available here.

Registration is now open - please register here.

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