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mRNA architecture of the NMDA receptor gene in synaptic plasticity

Applications are invited for a PhD fellowship/scholarship at Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark, within the “Molecular Biology and Genetics” programme. The position is available from 1 February 2021 or later. 

mRNA architecture of the NMDA receptor gene in synaptic plasticity

Research area and project description:
The Center for Proteins in Memory (PROMEMO) at Aarhus University invites applications for a PhD fellowship at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. The project will be jointly supervised by Prof. Poul Nissen, associate professor Hanne Poulsen and assistant professor Magnus Kjærgaard. The starting date is February 2021 or soon thereafter.

Memory and learning require the strength of synaptic connections to be adjusted following synaptic stimulation. At the molecular level, this requires production of plasticity-related proteins and their subsequent delivery to synapses. Plasticity-related proteins are often translated locally in dendrites and thereby targeted to specific nearby synapses.

This project aims to understand how translation of the genes of the NMDA receptors is regulated spatially and biochemically. The project will use fluorescence and cryo-electron tomography, mouse viral injection, and in vitro RNA/protein biochemical assays.

Qualifications and specific competences:
Applicants to the PhD position must have a relevant Master’s degree in e.g. Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Molecular Medicine, Biology, Nanoscience or similar.

Experience with some of the following techniques is an advantage, but not a requirement: Fluorescence microscopy, handling of live laboratory rodents, electron microscopy, mRNA biochemistry, recombinant protein production, pull-down assays.

Shortlisting will be used.

Applicants seeking further information are invited to contact:

Associate professor Hanne Poulsen (

You can read more about the PhD fellowship/scholarship here