Visit to PROMEMO by students from ATU

On October 11 2018, 20 young high school students and members of The Academy of Talented Young People (ATU) visited PROMEMO in order to learn more about the research conducted here.


ATU is an organisation that gathers young, ambitious people in Danish high schools in order to inspire and challenge them academically. Over the course of 2 years, the students will attend talks and workshops within several topics of social sciences, human sciences and natural sciences. 

This time around the talented students visited PROMEMO where they were introduced to some of the labs and their research. The program consisted of a lecture by Magnus Kjærgaard about why memory research is important, what memories are and about using mice for memory research. Furthermore, lab manager Kim Henningsen showcased the "Event Arena" in which the memory schema of mice is explored, PhD student Nathalie Krauth provided the students with insight into retrograde tracing using viruses and group leader Sadegh Nabavi explained the basics of optogenetics.