Magnus Kjærgaard at The Danish Science Festival

"Book a researcher" - The Molecules of Memory 

Daghøjskolen i Randers


Stakroge Beboerforening


Esbjerg Gymnasium


The Danish Science Festival, which is an annual event, is a week-long festival that is comprised by approximately 700 different events that attract around 70,000 visitors in different locations across Denmark. 

The purpose of the Danish Science Festival is to:

  • Celebrate the fundamental element of research: curiosity
  • Establish a meeting point between researchers and the general public
  • Showcase how research and innovation contribute to solving social challenges and issue
  • Support public engagement in research and enhance the relationship between researchers and the general public.

A part of the festival is the "Book a Researcher" programme, in which it is possible to have a researcher come to your institution to give a talk for free. Every year approximately 300 researchers sign up to the program. During the festival in April 2019, Magnus Kjaergaard participated in the program and ended up he visiting several Danish high schools, residents associations and other institutions to give his talk "Hukommelsens molekyler" (The Molecules of Memory). A journalist from the university newspaper Omnibus followed him around for one of the talks and did a reportage on their experience of the talk and science in general.

Read the reportage here

Tinglev Skole


UC Syd


Reportage by Omnibus